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IN 2011


My cousin died of cancer in 2015. My mom had a cancer scare in her leg. There was a lump. Another cousin had breast cancer and survived. My business partner in China, her mother died from cancer in 2014. My close friend has family that died. Either you have experienced it, or you know someone that has experienced it. In some capacity, we are all plagued by this thing called CANCER.

The ultimate wake up call for me was not my own mother or family experiencing cancer but my friend actually dying from leukemia. That made me want to do something besides cry or feel sorry. Experiencing his cries and screams of pain while helping him up the stairs to his room, or to the bathroom, cooking meals for him, or just sitting with him unable to ease his pain. Watching the tears roll down his face as he tried to fight for his life. Getting that one last phone call from him telling me he is in a hostel because he can't afford to pay his rent, telling me he was scared, telling me goodbye. Helpless, sad and even guilty is how I was left feeling because there was nothing I could do. While it's ok and natural to have those emotions, actions are still louder and will always be louder than tears and words.


I prayed and promised God and my friend Daniel that I would raise money for cancer some how. I finally figure out how. We are all born with gifts and I am blessed to be born with more than one. Being a music artist and choreographer/dancer, I want to use these gifts to bring together friends and associates in the dance community, as well as family and associates that happen to be producers and film makers, to create a project called 7-minuets, which will raisemoney for cancer paitents that need financial assistance to pay their medical bills.


We plan on lauching this project, and future projects, starting this fall, 2015. For more information visit GIVESEVEN.ORG.

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