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Last Updated: 12.08.2018

This promotion is valid until March 23rd., 2019 and is limited in it’s design capabilities. All “One Page Websites" will be published on an Adobe platform which limits design freedom and capabilities such as animation, e-commerce capability,
the ability to create a link from a photo, the option(s) to include music outside of a video and many more not listed within this disclaimer. The “One Page Website” is intended for small business owners, artists, models, or other in the beginning stages
of their business or personal venture and it’s primary purpose is to promote, educate, and share information and is not recommended for individuals seeking to sell products of any kind or desiring to create a complex or intricate website design wise or other. Further limitations include what is solely listed in the “One Page Website” promotional materials: video, digital flyer, banners, etc. Anything additionally desired by a client will be subject to additional charges per added item, and is to
be discussed to both parties complete understanding and reiterated within the written agreement before the agreement is signed and the work commenced. The price of the “One Page Website” is $330.00 solely in the currency of the United
States of America, and is to be paid in two sections: 1) A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total price of
the “One Page Website” which is to be delivered by the client to the designer upfront before any work begins. 2) The remaining 50% will be due in full before the site goes public. Details of payment and terms and conditions are to be explained in a formal agreement and signed by both parties before any work commences by the designer, Ramon Ivey of Adobe nor any third party is responsible for the terms and conditions of the “One Page Website” promotion, nor is Ramon Ivey of, also known as the designer, responsible for any mishaps due to a third party, including malfunctions, or other in regards to the technological aspects or of any third party’s terms, conditions, limitations, or other outside of Ramon Ivey’s control.

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